Industrial Montoring and Control Solutions

Specialising in UPS Battery Systems, Triaxial Vibration, Heat and Vibration monitoring through proprietary sensors designed for harsh environments. Built on a wired backbone with high EMF immunity for noisy environments commonly found in industrial applications.

  • Globally connected remote hardware logic controller with remote updates.
  • Local control and alarms through audible and illuminations.
  • Easily programmable logic system with direct connectivity to drive AC Relays and Contactors.
  • Expand with Modbus and ProfiBus addons for data harvesting across existing assets.
  • Integrated local weather profiling for accurate system reporting offsets.
  • Fully bespoke remote and local interface displays. Case enclosed HMI screens for use in high particulate areas.
  • Ability to integrate custom sensors and equipment with ease.
  • Designed for static and automotive plant equipment.
  • Part of our standard Metrix range for complete compatibility.

Our equipment is completely modular and designed around our core MetrixBus connectivity protocol. Our systems offer a reliable data transfer message of up to 700m locally as well as wireless 2km line of sight.

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