OEM Montoring and Control Solutions

A turnkey hardware/software for products that need to be integrated into the cloud or through local intefaces. We offer a simple solution to save in-house development requirements whilst maintaining flexibilty.

  • Globally connected remote hardware logic controller with Native CAN Protocols.
  • Onboard switch & control via, app, physical buttons and touch screens.
  • Easily programmable logic system with local branded interfaces.
  • Native CAN BUS and NMEA2000 as Standard.
  • Complete Atmospheric and Gyro data monitoring for impact and tilt.
  • Fully bespoke remote and local interface displays. No Metrix Branding visible.
  • Ability to integrate custom sensors and equipment with ease.
  • Connect more than 144 analogue sensors per unit with expansion modules.
  • Part of our standard Metrix range for complete compatibility.

Our equipment is completely modular and designed around our core MetrixBus connectivity protocol. Our systems offer a reliable data transfer message of up to 700m locally - much further than many other interface standards.

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